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The construction of the pig fattening animal production unit for 150 000 head in Krasnoarmeysk District of Donetsk Region.

Строительство животноводческого комплекса. Строительство животноводческого комплекса

Constructed and delivered on a turnkey basis:

 Sow house:                                                                                     Feeding house:

•  buildings for the keeping of boars;
•  buildings for the keeping of sows;
•  sow houses;
•  communication galleries;
•  quarantine building;
•  administrative building, building without barrier;            
•  sewage pump station;
•  water-pipe pump station;
•  6/0,4 kW transformer substation;                   
•  garage;
•  technological networks.







•  feeding buildings No.1-No.12 for 2000 head;
•  feeding building for 1000 head;
•  communication galleries No.1-No.3;
•  administrative building and check point;
•  disinfecting barrier;
•  garage;
•  6/0,4 kW transformer substation;
•  car stop;
•  water-pipe pump station;
•  water tanks (V=150 m?);
•  sewage pump station;
•  rest room;
•  enclosure.



Animal production unit      

Animal production unit

•  The constructional works renew with development of the animal production unit and increase in productivity.

Animal production unit Animal production unit Animal production unit