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Metalworks Manufacturing

In order to provide construction with metal goods to the necessary extent and of any complexity in 2007-2008 RSI, LLC organized and equipped the metalworks fabrication shop.
The shop has the lifting, cutting (including plasma cutting), turn-milling, welding and other necessary equipment. The contact welding sections were put into operation..

•  The shop specialization is the production of all necessary metalwork elements, such as: columns, trusses, roof beams, floor beams and other goods. Along with this the metal doors, windows, fences, a number of shaped objects, reinforcement, stainless steel and galvanized steel goods are being successfully manufactured.

  Within the framework of the company the reinforced-plastic and aluminum metalworks fabrication shop was equipped.

  Technical equipment, high qualification, wide experience in the field of metal working allow the metalworks shop employees to solve the non-standard tasks of any complexity with high quality and in the shortest possible time..

•  As of today the plant capacity amounts to more than 100 tones of goods per moth.


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