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The Laureat’s Certificate and The Statuette of International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality.

International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality Award of European organization European Society for Quality Research (ESQR)

The ESQR activity is directed to the assistance of quality culture dissemination, acknowledgement of best practices in business management, technological innovation as well as achievement of quality in the organizations all over the world and also advertisement of successful activity strategies.

ESQR observes great achievements of companies in working out and implementation of management system of production quality that is oriented towards the customer as well as achievements in competitiveness increase and productivity.
The laureates’ selection is made in concordance with the Quality Performance Model ESQR criteria and also on basis of ESQR questioning results among the customers and partners. The important factor of company’s activity assessment is correspondence of production and services with the customer’s expectations

The ceremony took place on 2 December 2012 in the Celebration Hall of Le Plaza in Brussel, Belgium.