• Konti, confectionary plant
    The administrative and on-site, manufacturing and storage buildings of a confectionary plant KONTI, PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION, PJSC are among the objects erected by RSI, LLC. The nearby territory improvement was also done.
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  • The animal production unit of APK-INVEST
    The animal production unit, feed-milling plant and meat packing plant of APK-INVEST, PJSC were constructed and delivered on a turn-key basis. The construction of the new shops of “Myasna Vesna” corporate chain is in progress.
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  • Logistic Center of KONTI
    The largest in Ukraine Logistic Center of KONTI, PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION, PJSC, which fully corresponds to the European standards, was constructed and commissioned in Makeyevka City. It was constructed with the perfect quality and within the shortest possible time.
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  • MIKO-FOOD manufacturing unit
    The construction of the high-technology mushroom cultivation manufacturing complex for MIKO-FOOD, LLC in Avdeyevka City. The complex includes production unit and infrastructural buildings.
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    In order to ensure timely deliveries of concrete, concrete and reinforced concrete products, and also optimization of manufacturing cycle RSI, LLC took the lead in creation and was a founder of the high-technology manufacturing enterprise VIP BETON, LLC.
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The company performs architectural design
of the different-purpose construction objects
of any complexity.

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 The construction works are carried out on a turnkey basis with the perfect quality
and delivered within the time specified.

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Construction materials

The supply/trade services improved the sale of construction materials and opened the specialized shop.

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RSI, LLC is a unique construction company with the full cycle of construction, which has sufficient experience and all necessary subdivisions and production units.


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At the end of 2011 the efficiency of metalworks fabrication shop of RSI, LLC reached 100 tones of goods per month, which fully meets the company’s needs in the near future.


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ESQR observes great achievements of companies in working out and implementation of management system of production quality that is oriented towards the customer as well as achievements in competitiveness increase and productivity.